Goodbye from Alice at dealchecker

I don’t usually write personal blog posts. Or blogs that aren’t, strictly speaking, about travel. But seeing as today is my final day after eight and a half years being “Alice at dealchecker” I didn’t think I could head off without saying goodbye.

Eight and a half years is quite a long time. For context, in that time there have been (approximately):

  • 433 newsletters
  • 10,394 deals (don’t worry, I didn’t personally check them all)
  • 288 Blogs (by me)

(All powered by approximately 6,120 cups of tea)

When I joined dealchecker back in 2009 I was the sole member of the content team, and from there we’ve grown into a busy team of editors and writers who I know will continue to be just as passionate about finding and sharing real travel deals as I am.

So this is my chance to thank all the wonderful people behind dealchecker who have built it into the effective travel comparison site it is today.
And to thank all our readers, users and subscribers who have enjoyed our deals – I hope I’ve helped you find some wonderful holidays over the years. And stay tuned to see plenty more incredible deals from the dealcheckers in the future!

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